Aura Leisure Centre

Coming Soon….

Launching Late Spring 2020…..

Aura Leisure Centre is a new Leisure Centre coming to Ireland in late Spring 2020. Located in the South of Ireland, Aura will host an array of high class facilities such as; a 20 metre swimming pool, children’s pool, a fully equipped gym and a conference room.

Aura will offer swimming lessons for children over the age of 5 years and is the perfect day out for every family.

Our new centre will not only host a full range of facilities but will also have a state of the art eco-friendly restaurant which specialises in organic and sustainable farming practices.

People are getting healthier and becoming more health conscious thats why Aura will offer an array of healthy meals, full of flavour but full of nutrition.

Our mission is to make Ireland and the people who visit our leisure centre enjoy a healthier lifestyle, while having fun in our beautiful centre.


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